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Education with Excalibur Almaz


Space has the power to inspire students to achieve humankind’s quest for increasing scientific knowledge, engineering excellence and technological breakthroughs. Encouraging Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematic (STEM) education around the globe presents both an opportunity and a challenge for commercial space enterprises such as Excalibur Almaz. Students have a great opportunity today to become the scientists, engineers, researchers and educators who will lead and shape future space industry. However, for the future of space to be as bright as EA envisions the number of student graduates with relevant space-related training and education must continue to grow.  This challenge and its resulting opportunity is the reason behind the creation of Excalibur Almaz’s Inspire Academy.
Inspire Academy is an international educational program that provides students from elementary through high school the opportunity to participate in interactive microgravity space research. The fields of study range from Earth sciences and technology development to engineering and mathematics research. Students from selected countries will research and develop an experiment that will be launched into space by Excalibur Almaz. The resulting out-of-this-world educational experience will not only benefit the students in the sponsoring countries but also advance space research and education around the globe.  For more information regarding Excalibur Almaz’s Inspire Academy and other educational programs contact education@excaliburalmaz.com.