Lunar Low Earth Orbit Cargo Microgravity Research


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Excalibur Almaz Services


Excalibur Almaz addressable markets will include:

1) Unmanned micro-gravity scientific research missions

2) Human transportation including crew and tourism

3) Cargo delivery and return

4) Chartered space exploration


Excalibur Almaz utilizes the fastest to market, most cost-effective, least-risk developmental approach by:

1) Leveraging proven space systems and design to lower systems development time and risk

2) Taking advantage of previous investment in Non-Reoccurring Engineering (NRE) to reduce development costs

3) Not starting with a clean sheet approach to shorten time to 1st flight


Excalibur Almaz will revolutionize the spaceflight industry through regular manned and unmanned flights to Low Earth Orbit, Lunar orbit, Libration Points, Near Earth Asteroids and other deep space destinations.