Lunar Low Earth Orbit Cargo Microgravity Research


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Excalibur Almaz Crewed Missions to Low Earth Orbit (LEO)

Excalibur Almaz Low Earth Orbit RRV missions will have service modules attached to the capsules, providing ample living space for crew activities. EA will offer up to one week space flights, accommodating three people along with cargo and scientific experiments. Each Excalibur Almaz flight will be commanded by an experienced astronaut or cosmonaut. Design definition work is in progress on the RRV capsule and its service module. Critical path items such as the emergency escape motor, retro rocket, pyrotechnic and parachute systems have already been re-issued. Analytical models have been prepared for structural analysis, thermal analysis and assessment of the spacecraft with multiple launch vehicles. The development, processing and integration plans have also been developed for the Excalibur Almaz’s RRVs. Project member roles are defined in preparation of flight testing.

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Excalibur Almaz has a huge head start with a proven reusable reentry vehicle and proven
emergency escape system.
These full-developed systems allow Excalibur Almaz to have the
shortest timeline to launching manned and unmanned Low Earth Orbit missions.