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South Korea

Excalibur Almaz’s wide range of space services provide a tremendous benefit to developing space programs such as the Korea Aerospace Research Institute. The billions of dollars already invested in the heritage spacecraft hardware of the Excalibur Almaz program significantly decreases development timeline and costs to achieving first flight to destinations are bold as the moon, L2 and beyond. With Excalibur Almaz, South Korea could be the next country to reach the moon joining teh US, Russia, India and China.

South Korea’s development of its spaceport in Goheung County could serve as an ideal launch site for future Excalibur Almaz missions.  Furthermore, the development of the Naro-1 (KSLV) Rocket to launch Excalibur Almaz missions can open access to the $1.2 billion cargo market. Furthermore, aquiring a human-rated launch vehicle and combing it with the proven Excalibur Almaz spacecraft would provide South Korea with a complete, operational human transportation system while other nations are still developing blue prints for their programs. In working with Excalibur Alamz, South Korea could quickly establish itself among the top space powers in the world.

Since its formation in 2005, Excalibur has been working towards completion of our human space transportation program for science, sovereign nations and tourist. Our main partners include NPOM, United Space Alliance (USA), EADS Space Transportation (Astrium) and NASA on their Commercial Cargo & Crew Program through a Space Act Agreement (SAA). Excalibur Almaz owns four Reusable Reentry Vehicles (RRVs) and two space stations purchased from NPO Mashinostroyenia (NPOM) of Russia. The RRVs have been to orbit and reentered the earth’s atmosphere nine times. The designer has stated the RRVs can be reused at least 15 times. The use of flight-tested spacecraft and hardware provides a very cost effective and time saving approach to the space transportation business.